How To Bake The Perfect Soufflé And Grow Revenue

Find Dining Lovers’ Riccardo Meggiato wove a particularly compelling tale about the pitfalls and dangers of making a soufflé that relates very well for those who have responsibility for growing their business or else: “Sooner or later, the moment arrives in the career of any sous-chef: amongst the clamour of pots and pans, the chef gives the order to prepare a delicious soufflé. An ominous silence falls over the kitchen, and suddenly the movements become slower, quieter – greater attention is paid to ingredients and temperature. Because behind the seemingly simple term, which derives from the French verb souffler (to blow), lies one of the most beloved delicacies on a menu, and one that is among the most challenging to prepare – one that can knock out even the most expert cook.”

A soufflé really should be easy. It has only two basic ingredients (cream and egg whites). But the egg whites have to be beaten just right – until they are very still, to be precise, so that they can form a stiff barrier during baking – and the cream has to be prepared in a very precise way – with the butter, flour and milk stirred and heated just right to get the right consistency that will meld with the beaten eggs (which, of course, must be combined in a precise way and stirred in a particular manner so as to ensure the physics of cooking them create the rise, the crust and the softer inner parts that please both the sight and taste.

The same shock and horror that afflicts cooks when instructed to bake a soufflé also hits a nerve with executives who are told to harness all their customer data to identify with whom and how they will grow their business. The situation is very much the same: Just a few basic ingredients, but there is so much precision in preparation. Your customer data, combined with rich Big Data-derived intelligence available through firms such as 44ounces or our counterparts, can reveal exactly who you should target and what the likely response rates should be, as well as what the resulting growth should be. But how this data is integrated and analyzed requires the expertise of the finest chefs the Big Data Predictive Analytics world has to offer.

A like any good craftsman or craftswoman (who of course never blames his or her tools), having the right tools makes all the difference. Data cleansing tools. Data integration tools. Data rationalization tools. Data append tools. And of course, predictive analytics tools that can find patterns, identify commonalities, make predictions and create marketable segments.

To bake the perfect strategy in a world that is awash in data, and to use this strategy to point you to assured growth, companies must acquire the tool, the recipes, and the talent for get it right. Otherwise, you could end up with a deflated mess.

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