The 44ounces Culture


44ounces prides itself on a diverse culture and a group of team members that include people onshore and offshore and who all are anxious to help your project succeed. From statisticians to analysts to right-brained creatives who know how to derive the insights from which a perfect campaign can be crafted, 44ounces knows how to quantify your market and produce the creative that will move the needle. Our team members come from all over the globe, from San Francisco to Salt Lake City and Chennai, India to Chicago, Illinois, and  if you think you might be a good fit, we invite you to contact us.

The 44ounces Culture

44ounces knows that having its own way of working and its own culture — you know, those sets of beliefs, principles, ideologies, and values that are shared by all of us within an organization — help determine how we interact with each other, with our clients, and with our broader community. So what is it  we stand for?

All new hires get strictly indoctrinated a few key principles.


The first is empowerment. Each team member, given that he or she joined our team for his or her creativity, intelligence, analytical prowess, and overall awesomeness,  are empowered with the ability to make strategic and tactical decisions, to feel bold in their action, and know they can take action when the situation merits it. No one here needs to be told what to do, but rather we make sure they know their vision can unfold in the way they see it, rounded out only by the tenets of collaboration and feedback that we also value.


The second is collaboration. Associates here work in flat, matrixed groups that foster critical analysis and peer reviews, along with a 360-degree feedback loop, so that all ideas and actions are subjected to the light of review and inspection, where feedback, revision and the ongoing perfecting process can create a more perfect product, service, or outcome. This can be intimidating at first, but liberating later.


The third is feedback. Knowing how, when, and where to give feedback and with what tone, what context and in what order helps foster an environment where people are not afraid to speak up nor are they afraid to hear that there might be a better way. By leading with the positive, by pointing out  areas of improvement, and by assuming positive intent, we increase the speed, proficiency and professionalism of our final deliverables to clients.

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