Intelligent Communications


Strategy Driven By The Hard Data

44ounces can reveal hidden sources of customer and market intelligence that is buried within your company’s own internal systems. From sales force automation to marketing automation to customer relationship management systems and web servers, the data needed to paint a perfect picture of where opportunities lie is often right under a company’s figurative nose.

This internal data, when combined with rich external marketing intelligence, gives all a company needs to understand the fast-moving world of consumer preferences, attitudes and decisions. The wealth of online and offline intelligence, expertly applied to specific business, governmental, or special interest challenge, reveals the who, what, why and how of the perfectly crafted and executed strategy.

Online and offline dialogue moves so fluidly that opinions are forming and changing in real time based on new information acquired from peers, the media and other sources. 44ounces knows how to harness intelligence on these ebbs and flows and knows how to create and place the perfect message so that barriers erode, understanding is created, and behaviors are influenced.

Take time today to learn what 44ounces can help you accomplish. Read more about how we harness Big Data to more thoroughly understand your customers and markets.  Discover how this intelligence can create the perfect strategy and smarter messaging. And know that the insights and campaigns that result from the strategy can drive revenue and earnings growth. Contact 44ounces now to harness the power of intelligence to connect meaningfully with your customers, prospects, constituents, and consumers. Affordably accessible and strategically imperative.

“I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information…to change opinions which I once thought right but found to be otherwise.”

- Benjamin Franklin