Discover What To Say


Discover What To Say And How To Say It

Harness the power of Big Data to unleash the insights of internal and external data sources. The intelligence available within companies’ internal operational systems and applications, combined with external, third-party marketing intelligence can help reveal the right insights on consumers, attitudes and what’s trending to craft a perfect message that resonates.

Although big and mysterious, Big Data simply refers to the processing and analytics of large data sets – data that contains web traffic, purchase transaction data, consumer demographics, business firmagraphics, lifestyle indicators and other intelligence – to predictively profile both what consumers and businesses are doing and more importantly how they are behaving.

44ounces uses the computing power of onshore and offshore distributed computing networks, cloud-based tools, and the Foredeus Marketing Intelligence Syndicate to provide both the processing power and raw data to derive the predictors of your consumers’ behavior.

44ounces then uses this data to provide clients with a precise understanding of what drives behavior within their audience or target market, and outlines how they can position and present their message in a way that capitalizes on those drivers while minimizing what repels – or even repulses.

The big idea still drives the best message, but the power of big data can intelligently inform the best big ideas.

The affordable accessibility of both information and processing power has enabled 44ounces to distill what was once complex into a simple and cost-effective approach to strategic communications. What was out of  reach is now firmly within your grasp; and what you learn and do today will  make you a wiser leader of your organization’s future.

The wealth of data collected in today’s interconnected world holds those secrets, and often it is already in our possession. 44ounces harnesses your on- and offline data and enriches it with additional sources of intelligence to ascertain more precisely what direction individuals, groups or  communities are trending. Make your message stick with 44ounces.

“Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.”

- Hunter S. Thompson