Integrated Marketing


Produce The Content That Ensures Action

Produce the right content that educates, clarifies, adds values, and shapes dialogue in a way that drives behavior.

Connecting with your audience or target market is the hardest question marketers, public relations professionals, and corporate executives ask themselves. How do you ensure your message is consumed and reacted to in a way that drives results?

44ounces knows this quandary, and can leverage its syndicate of intelligence to help clients identify the media consumption habits, propensity to use various online properties, and responsiveness to various forms of online and offline marketing of each individual and household in the audience or target market. 44ounces can applies its proprietary methodology to ensure the insights discovered are translated into message and content that can be perfectly placed and consumed.

Place it where they will read it, download it, watch it or listen to it and move them to tears, to laughter and – most importantly – to action.

Your messaging strategy is one that must continually evolve, along with the changing dynamics of your audience or target market. Art truly never is finished, and therefore ensuring you track where and how to place your message for optimum reaction is mission critical to ensure the success and continual progress of your organization’s objection.

44ounces can track and monitor when and where your audience and target market shifts, and identify more precisely how to connect them in a way that inspires action. Never abandon this effort – art is the continual joy that labors forward.

“Art is never finished. Only abandoned.”

- Leonardo Da Vinci