Intelligent Messaging

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Harness The Power Of Big Data To Know Precisely What To Say And How To Say It

Use the power of 44ounces’ Big Data to position your message so perfectly that it cuts through the clutter and sticks with the audience that matters.

Positioning and message creation become an enjoyable art once the creators are armed with the right intelligence on how an audience or target market behaves and what causes them to act. 44ounces uses a proprietary methodology to cull Big Data-derived intelligence for gleams of insight that lead to the Big Idea. And the big idea can help inspire messages that resonate, stick, and move the needle on the objectives you are trying to accomplish.

The simplest of messages can drive behavior if the creators understand the complex interaction between consumers, the consumers’ environment, and how consumers act and react to certain messages. This understanding leads to authenticity, credibility and – most importantly – resonance.

Let 44ounces help create the intelligent positioning and messaging you need to execute more flawlessly in your online and offline campaigns.

The affordable accessibility of both information and processing power has enabled 44ounnces to distill what was once complex into a simple and cost-effective approach to marketing communications. What was out of the reach of your predecessors is firmly within yours; and what you learn and do today will indeed make your wiser and a leader of your organization’s future.

The wealth of data collected in today’s interconnected world means that the secret to what motivates people is often right under our noses. 44ounces harnesses your on- and offline data and enriches it with additional sources of intelligence to ascertain more precisely in what direction individuals, groups or whole communities are trending. Make your message stick with 44ounces.