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This Is Not Your Parents’ Public Relations

When it comes to generating buzz, it’s about medium, message, location and content. Put your content in the best place to reinforce your message, drive traffic and build share of audience in any market.

Marshall McLuhan said it best. The medium is the message because that medium is a virtual extension of ourselves, albeit with changing social and ethical boundaries that affect how people act and react in them and from them. Consequently, the perfectly crafted message leverages strategic insight on what the audience or target market is doing and saying, and must be placed in the best location to ensure credibility, authenticity, and the right response.

44ounces boasts significant relationships with major online, offline and broadcast media relationships around the country, covering both mainstream journalism, fringe or secondary journalism, and professional, B2B and trade journalism. 44ounces can guide where and how you place your content so that the message is reinforced, traffic is driven to your point-of-sale locations or to where you want action to be taken, and share of mind and share of market with your audience or target market is gained.

Your messaging strategy is one that must continually evolve, along with the changing dynamics of your audience or target market. Art truly never is finished, and therefore ensuring you track where and how to place your message for optimum reaction is mission critical to ensure the success and continual progress of your organization’s objection.

44ounces can track and monitor when and where your audience and target market shifts, and identify more precisely how to connect them in a way that inspires action. Never abandon this effort – art is the continual joy that labors forward.

“The medium is the message…the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each [new] extension of ourselves…”

- Marshall McLuhan