Returns On Customer: The Last Great Competitive Advantage

With the economy rebounding ever so weakly as Time Magazine so subtly put it, companies are beginning to take cash out of their coffers to grow their business. These corporate lock boxes have been figuratively reminiscent of Al Gore’s lock box reference in the 2000 Presidential Debate that were parodied on Saturday Night Live. These lock boxes have [...]

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Measuring For The Average Delivers Average Results

An Average Does Not A Consumer Insight Make: With so much information at our disposal, too many of us are prone to be satisfied with a single, univarite statistic upon which we make our decisions. Companies can improve consumer insights that drive revenue growth by thinking mulit-variate. With tongue in cheek and a sly admittance of [...]

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Building Relationships Through Social Media? Don’t Steal, Says Law Firm

Social media is all the rage today. Everyone is talking, tweeting and posting about it, and allegedly everyone is doing it. In fact, those whose companies are not engaged in social media may think that they have long since missed the bus because those that promote social media have made it out to be the latest and [...]

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Investing In Your Business For Growth: The Socially Responsible Thing To Do?

As America fights to continue their recovery from one of the worst economic recessions in recent memory, an interesting question is being posed on TV, online, in political debates, and right here: Do corporations have a social responsibility to invest for growth when the economy is still recovering? Given the presumed affect it has on job [...]

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As Economic News Trends Upwards, Companies Find Growth In Uncommon Places

Economic indicators for the U.S. and the state of Utah pointed upwards this week, with both the Conference Board’s release of its monthly Leading Economic Index (LEI) and the Wall Street Journal’s state-by-state report on the U.S. 5-year employment growth outlook. These small economic steps in the right direction have been earned as companies win [...]

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Firms Encouraged To Measure Twice, Cut Once: Navigating Conflicting Market Data

Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Too Big to Fail, the New York Times best seller and now HBO movie that chronicled the 2007-2008 economic crises, portrayed an environment in which executives too often had to make decisions in an environment where information, data and insight were fleeting and – sometimes – deceiving. Similarly, executives in Utah and across the U.S. find themselves in [...]

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Navigating The New Economic Normal Requires Companies Apply Customer Insight

As consumers and businesses begin to crawl out of the economic wreck that exploded in 2008, one thing is certain – no one is in Kansas anymore. Even as the dust is settling with some recent good news on consumer spending and sentiment, it’s apparent that the old way of doing business has gone away and [...]

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Consumer Debt Looms As An Unresolved Crisis For U.S. Businesses, Families

Thousands of Americans around the country and here locally Utahans rang in 2010 searching for a sense of optimism. Whether they were in the middle of Salt Lake’s EVE Celebration or reveling in St. George’s Town Square Plaza, the U.S. economy had recently given Utah several reasons for optimism – after all, the holiday season brought [...]

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Economic Recession Can Be Fertile Ground For Startups

Salt Lake City - Just like in the movie The Shawshank Redemption, when Andy Dufresne decides that after years of paying for crimes he did not commit it was time to “get busy living, or get busy dying,” many laid-off workers and others who have not found employment during the downturn are taking matters into their own hands and [...]

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The Credit Odyssey: Businesses Still Having To Look Hard For Access To Credit, Capital

Just as President Obama was meeting with bankers this week to give them a stern lecture on the lack of business loans they’ve pumped into the economy since receiving billions in stimulus funds, businesses in Utah still report they find themselves searching high and low for someone – anyone – who can offer them a loan. In [...]

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