In Which Tribes Do Your Customers Roam? Know Your Customers’ Social Media Habits

Marketers today must be more like anthropologists than advertisers. The light speed pace of customer fragmentation and technology has turned concepts such as circulation, audience share, and readership – words that would easily roll off the tongue of Mad Men’s Don Draper – into outdated terms that have been replaced by engagement, circle of influence, and social [...]

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Returns On Customer: The Last Great Competitive Advantage

With the economy rebounding ever so weakly as Time Magazine so subtly put it, companies are beginning to take cash out of their coffers to grow their business. These corporate lock boxes have been figuratively reminiscent of Al Gore’s lock box reference in the 2000 Presidential Debate that were parodied on Saturday Night Live. These lock boxes have [...]

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Measuring For The Average Delivers Average Results

An Average Does Not A Consumer Insight Make: With so much information at our disposal, too many of us are prone to be satisfied with a single, univarite statistic upon which we make our decisions. Companies can improve consumer insights that drive revenue growth by thinking mulit-variate. With tongue in cheek and a sly admittance of [...]

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Navigating The New Economic Normal Requires Companies Apply Customer Insight

As consumers and businesses begin to crawl out of the economic wreck that exploded in 2008, one thing is certain – no one is in Kansas anymore. Even as the dust is settling with some recent good news on consumer spending and sentiment, it’s apparent that the old way of doing business has gone away and [...]

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The Credit Odyssey: Businesses Still Having To Look Hard For Access To Credit, Capital

Just as President Obama was meeting with bankers this week to give them a stern lecture on the lack of business loans they’ve pumped into the economy since receiving billions in stimulus funds, businesses in Utah still report they find themselves searching high and low for someone – anyone – who can offer them a loan. In [...]

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