Ignorance Is The Curse Of God: Harnessing Intelligence

Old Bill Shakespeare, as Matt Foley The Motivational Speaker called him, did not believe that ignorance is bliss. In his Henry IV Part 2, Shakespeare had the soon-to-be-beheaded Lord Saye utter these important words of wisdom: And seeing ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven. Ignorance is indeed the curse of God, [...]

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In Which Tribes Do Your Customers Roam? Know Your Customers’ Social Media Habits

Marketers today must be more like anthropologists than advertisers. The light speed pace of customer fragmentation and technology has turned concepts such as circulation, audience share, and readership – words that would easily roll off the tongue of Mad Men’s Don Draper – into outdated terms that have been replaced by engagement, circle of influence, and social [...]

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Regain Your Competitive Advantage With Plato’s Help

In Plato’s great dialogue Symposium, the Greek philosopher was famed to have made the statement that led to the coined phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This ancient nugget of wisdom is just as true today and applies not just to life lessons on the playground but to the world of economics as well. Value is [...]

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Building Relationships Through Social Media? Don’t Steal, Says Law Firm

Social media is all the rage today. Everyone is talking, tweeting and posting about it, and allegedly everyone is doing it. In fact, those whose companies are not engaged in social media may think that they have long since missed the bus because those that promote social media have made it out to be the latest and [...]

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