44ounces Partners & Suppliers

44ounces has established deep relationships with the globe’s leading providers of consumer financial services, consumer and commercial credit, consumer and business marketing intelligence, and technology integration services to build what is the largest marketing intelligence syndicate in North America. In addition to building and maintain the 44ounces Marketing Intelligence Syndicate, 44ounces maintains both on-shore and off-shore data warehousing and clouding computing facilities in order to efficiently and cost-effectively process large data sets on consumers and businesses.

44ounces and its partners, which include industry leaders such as KBM Group, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, Infogroup, Kantar, Epsilon, and many others, partner together in both the collection, aggregation, modeling, data transfer and data storage processes. 44ounces also partners with these providers and others to maintain a collaborative feedback loop that ensures all parties are reviewing, analyzing, and making predictions off data sets that have been audited and verified for integrity, cleanliness and structure.

Contact 44ounces today at details@44ounces.com or by calling +1 (415) 570-9446 to learn more about how to harness to collective insight of the 44ounces Marketing Intelligence Syndicate.

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