Big Data Marketing Analytics

Intelligence is out there. Identify, Measure and Connect With Your Best Market, Channels and Customers.

Harness the data in which you are swamped, and create value for your organization.

44ounces can help you identify, measure and connect with your most profitable market, channels and customers by taking your internal customer data, such as identification data, sales data, web data, and other data, and integrate it with big data from the web, from social media properties, and from 44ounces’ marketing intelligence syndicate.  44ounces’ big data resources include proprietary and rich third-party sources that reveal online and offline behavioral trends, demographics, psychographics and purchase habits of B2C and B2B customers and prospective customers. With this intelligence all under one roof, 44ounces can help you predict which customers you should target, how to price your offerings, which channels to use, and how to craft your message  just right to ensure the optimum click through, upsell, conversion rates, and  closed deals.

Whether you sell through the web, through a direct sales force, or through third-party distributors and resellers, 44ounces can help predict where your revenue growth will come from more accurately, so you can plan and pinpoint your limited marketing dollars more effectively.  With 44ounces, clients can identify, measure and connect with their best marketing opportunities for growth. Contact 44ounces today.

Navigate a world flooded with data, and come out smarter.

Your internal data might not hold the secrets of the universe, but it may hold the secret to how you can meet and exceed your revenue and earnings objectives. Outside your organization, there are treasure troves of data that, together with the data you already have on customers, suppliers or partners, can reveal key values, metrics and insights for how and where you should grow. 44ounces can help you navigate a world flooded with data, and help you harness it for good. For the good of your organization, stakeholders, and employees.

A partnership with 44ounces will lead to more insightful understanding of your market and customers, allowing you to develop strategy, messaging, and interactions with customers that not only ensure great creative output, but also accelerate sales and increase overall growth. Experience the value that comes from harnessing your data and Big Data analytics. Navigate our site to learn more and contact 44ounces today. We’ll see to it you control your own destiny.  Contact 44ounces today.

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