Advisory Services

The ultimate question for any start-up or expansion initiative is, “Which customers in which industries are most likely to buy our product, and where can we find them?” Partner with 44ounces. Our analytical capability and marketing intelligence resources give you and your stakeholders the assurance you need to invest, mitigate risk, and outmaneuver the competition. And our colleagues at 44ounces, the Big Data-driven strategic communications agency, know how to execute in a way that assures growth. Need to know before you expand the degree to which the market is under-penetrated, over-penetrated, or competitively saturated? Need to know the precise size, financial value, and likely returns from specific customers in your target market? Need to create the strategic framework that will guide your launch, expansion, or product release? Our associates at 44ounces have helped some of the largest companies in the United States develop the framework to elevate revenue and earnings growth over several year periods. And with the help of our Big Data-driven strategic communications agency, we know how to connect you in a meaningful way to the customers and stakeholders who matter. Contact 44ounces today to confirm your firm’s potential and direction.

Demand Estimation

44ounces utilizes its own proprietary predictive modeling process to identify those prospective customers most likely to buy and  measure their likely purchase rates in light of their monetized value to the organization. Knowing a customer’s likely financial contribution as defined by revenue contribution, net margin contribution, and lifetime value to the company, 44ounces clients can be assured their markets will return what they need to capture. Measuring twice and cutting once before you launch any marketing, sales or expansion initiative is critical to producing the returns promised to shareholders, stakeholders and other constituents who expect results. Know how to set your targets. Contact 44ounces today to learn more.

ROI Modeling

Knowing your prospective customers’ likely response rates and each’s potential short- and long-term value to your firm, 44ounces can then model your return on investment and assure you of meeting your revenue objectives. Need to be sure before you invest in a new product launch, a new campaign or a new sales initiative. Let 44ounces make sure you’ll look perfectly brilliant.

Competitive Intelligence

44ounces uses a systematic and ethical program for gathering and analyzing information about your competitors’ activities and general business trends to help position your company for competitive advantage.  44ounces’ methodology converts information into actionable intelligence so that decisions can be made with increased confidence.  Typical activities involve gathering information on rivals, identifying opportunities and threats, analyzing the information to create intelligence, and then creating executable strategy.  Competitive intelligence is not just about competitors, but about providing you with intelligence to make your company more competitive in all aspects of its business.

Marketing Strategy

All of this intelligence requires sound methodology that can assimilate the data into intelligence, and then condense the intelligence into an actionable plan. 44ounces uses a variety industry-standard and proprietary methodologies, from Choice Structuring to oldies but goodies such as Five Force. Work with 44ounces to identify and capitalize on your path to growth with sound intelligence and even sounder strategy.

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