Connect With Your Next Best Customers

Execute on the Sales, Marketing & Public Relations Strategy That Connect You Directly With The Best Opportunities For Growth

44ounces will produce the insights and the strategy to connect you and engage with the right customers and market opportunities. The experts and 44ounces can parlay analytic insights and market research into strategies that – in partnership with you – can help you achieve your revenue and earnings objectives.

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Take advantage of 44ounces’ comprehensive marketing intelligence to understand category purchases, lifestyle indicators, psychographic data, and other intelligence that will guide your marketing efforts and help you create the most compelling value propositions, offers, and stand-out creative. Our experts at 44ounces can turn this intelligence into messaging and creative that drives revenue growth.

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Leverage 44ounces’ broad and deep marketing intelligence to empower your sales force  with the right data needed to directly engage the best customers and prospects. From executive decision makers’ names, e-mails and other contact information to profiles on the firms they represent, go to work with the confidence that your sales force is focusing its high-value time on those customers most likely to engage with you.

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Engage the public with strategic communications and public relations that taps into influencers, media outlets, and communication channels that matter. 44ounces’ team of experts have connections and know-how that will ensure your products and services are top of mind for the audiences you care about.


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