Identify The Characteristics Of Your Best Customers

There Are Mountains of Data Out There. Use The Power Of Big Data To Identify Your Best Market, Channels and Customers

44ounces’ flagship solution, Customer Data OCD™, is the foundation for organizing, enriching, and understanding your own data. Customer Data OCD™ will  help your organization organize and integrate  internal data so that it can applied with other data sources to produce seismic insight.

Start by uniquely identifying each person, company, or entity.

44ounces’ Customer Data OCD™ starts by organizing your customer, supplier, partner, web, and other data through an unique process through which each person, company, or entity and all sets of associated variables are uniquely identified, rationalized and standardized. Customer Data OCD™ differentiates and categorizes variable types and distinguishes them from other related or similar variables. This sets the foundation for quantifying and measuring the value of each revenue-producing customer relationship.

By harnessing this intelligence 44ounces produce insight that reveals opportunities, and by combining this data with 44ounces’ broad and deep intelligence on consumers, businesses, web traffic and online and offline purchase behaviors and transactions, 44ounces is prepared to unleash its suite of predictive analytic tools and expertise to reveal growth opportunities and assure our clients of success this year and beyond.

Integrate your data with rich marketing intelligence on each person, company, or entity.

This integration of your data with 44ounces’ Big Data and marketing intelligence resources reveal the unique segments, trends, and other defining characteristics of the markets in which you are looking to grow. Our team of professionals work with yours to help you discover which customers are most likely to engage with you to which suppliers you can lean on cost savings. With 44ounces’ ability to predictively analyze rich data sets with technology that lowers the cost and increases speed of Big Data, our advantage becomes your advantage.

Growth is not out of reach when companies need to organize, cleanse and analyze their data alongside a broad and deep marketing intelligence to precisely understand the trends, hidden opportunities, and financial value of these relationships. This is where growth can come from.

Privacy Guaranteed: 44ounces commits to protect and defend each client’s data with the protection that technology and applicable state and federal laws provide. 44ounces’ comprehensive privacy agreements are available for pre-review, and clients are invited to review all security protocols employed.


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