Marketing Intelligence

44ounces tracks and monitors consumer and commercial business activity, from what people are buying to where businesses are investing, and powered by the intelligence 44ounces can help you identify, measure and connect with your most profitable market, channels and customers. 44ounces harnesses big data from the web, from social media properties, and from 44ounces’ rich third-party marketing intelligence that reveal online and offline behavioral trends, demographics, psychographics and purchase habits of B2C and B2B customers and prospective customers. With this intelligence all under one roof, 44ounces can help you identify and measure the customers you should target, how to price your offerings, and channels to use, all so  you can meet and exceed your revenue objectives.


 Consumer Marketing Intelligence

From consumer lifestyle data, psychographic data, category purchases, and demographic information, to commercial data on specific business industry, business growth and risk factors, 44ounces can empower your company with the foresight and intelligence to successfully execute.

44ounces also actively monitors more than 200 demographic and psychographic data elements, all of which can supplement your understanding of and approach to your customer segments.


Over 2,000 Contributing Merchants

44ounces and its syndicate partners leverage petabytes worth of purchase transaction data and information from over 2,000 contributing merchants in a host of categories. These transactions sum to over 9 billion SKU-level online and offline consumer transactions in consumer product categories from apparel to financial services and books and magazines to health care services. Contact us today to see how deeply your industry is monitored.


Consumer and Commercial Demographics, Financials and Behavioral Data

44ounces accesses the world’s most extensive databases on consumers and businesses, which between them track over 250 million consumers in the U.S. and over 150 million businesses around the world, including over 70 million business contacts. This rich information enables 44ounces to more accurately pinpoint consumer and commercial activity at the national level all the way down to the ZIP Code and street corner level. Contact 44ounces today to learn more about what we know about your existing and prospective customers and markets.


Consumer E-Mail

44ounces can keep you up to date on these consumers’ active email addresses. Our email append process provides a quick and efficient way to communicate and connect with your customers and prospective customers online. Throughout our process, we can compare your customer data with the e-mails in our network of databases, which monitor and maintain over 200 million email addresses. And, we can deliver to you new email addresses when and where you need them. We can also append names and other contact information to your existing in-house email address file.


Lifestyle Selects

By foreseeing and understanding your customers’ interests and activities, you can offer more relevant and timely sales offers that drive revenue and result in stronger customer relationships. 44ounces’s access to the industry’s largest source of lifestyle data, which represents hundreds of indicators that relate to hobbies and interests, provides critical insight that will enable you to execute seamlessly. This data is sourced from multichannel marketing campaigns from a variety of reputable media, including magazines, catalog, club memberships, sweepstakes, special promotions and primary and second research sources.


44ounces Marketing Segments and Clusters

Using a variety of automated statistical processes, 44ounces can process and provide a proprietary clustering system that will categorize consumers, households and other data based on similar attributes, such as shopping and buying behavior patterns. These clusters provide a consistent framework for monitoring customer behaviors, consumer preferences, and marketplace trends, as well as a basis for developing more informed cross-sell and up-sell prospecting campaigns.


44ounces Predictive Models

44ounces’s Models encompass more than 65 different models covering major behavioral and attitudinal categories. These predictive models are pre-built using a full array of demographic and psychographic data elements, and are available for immediate use. By utilizing 44ounces Model scores , you can quickly begin to match your customers with the best products and services for cross-selling and up-selling. No matter what the category you sell into, be it consumer package goods, financial services, retail, construction, home improvement, travel or any other, 44ounces can foresee and quantify the returns on your investment.


Business Marketing Intelligence

Gain a better understanding of your B2B markets by appending 44ounces business intelligence to your file. This additional insight will help you understand who is currently buying from you, and help you develop solid strategies to retain, service and grow your business clientele.

44ounces can enrich your database with a large array of business information, allowing you to:

44ounces tracks and monitors more than 200 pieces of data on over 250 million businesses around the United States and the World. In addition to individual business contact information such as title, address, and email address, you can understand business spending and likely business investment through 44ounces’s business spend models, all of which allows you to see how much a company is spending on your category of product or service.


Business Spending Models

44ounces offers a suite of proprietary business spending models that empower you to identify and quantify predicted spending patterns. These models are based on proprietary compiled sources. By appending business model scores and key contacts to your file, you can effectively identify key decision makers who have the buying power within a particular area of the company and target them for potential cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Business spend categories that 44ounces tracks and monitors include:

Advertising & Promotion: See who spends the most on promoting their products and services. Ideal for advertising and public relations agencies, radio and TV television stations, as well as newspapers, magazines, or printing companies.

Technology: Ideal for computer software and hardware suppliers and computer repair services. Includes the cost for custom and off the shelf software, system support and design, data processing services, hardware and supplies.

Office Equipment & Supplies: From copiers to file folders and ink toner, businesses need a multitude of products. Target businesses that spend a lot on supplies, materials and parts, excluding computer and packaging supplies.

Payroll: Businesses such as payroll processors and 401(k) administrators can quickly find ideal prospects for their services. Includes the gross earnings of all employees paid during the calendar year including fringe benefits.

 Rent & Leasing: Property management companies and commercial real estate agents can use this information to set competitive rates for leasing office space. Includes payments made to other companies for the rental or leasing of land, buildings, offices, and related structures.

Telecommunications: Every business needs a reliable communication system. Telecom and Internet service providers can quickly research what companies spend on voice, data and networking services.

Accounting: From payroll to withholdings and taxes, every business needs accounting services. Find out what companies spend on accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services purchased from other firms.

Insurance: Every business needs affordable insurance. Companies can quickly find ideal prospects for their life, accident and health, dental and disability plans. Includes the cost of payments made on insurance policies. It does not include the cost of insurance incurred on behalf of employees.

Legal: Whether your law firm specializes in litigation, intellectual property, or mergers and acquisitions, you can find businesses that need your services.

Packaging & Container: Ideal for office supply and shipping companies. Includes purchases of containers, wrapping, packing and selling supplies used in packaging, processing, shipping, and selling of goods.

Printing: See how much companies in your area spend on catalogs, newsletters, and brochures. Ideal for commercial printers, mail houses and more. Includes the cost of purchased or contracted printing services.

Professional Services: Discover what companies spend on professional planning, consulting and analysis services. Includes management, consulting, administrative, and other professional services purchased from other firms, excluding advertising, legal, accounting and computer services.

Temporary Labor: Staffing services can find out which types of businesses need temporary labor during the summer, holidays and tax season. Includes payments to other firms for the contractual use of their employees. These employees are supplied by other firms to perform specific jobs, and include temporary help and leased employees.

Utilities: Ideal for commercial utility consultants, as well as companies that sell green products or specialize in alternative energy sources. Includes the cost of or heating, power or generation of electricity. It also includes the cost of water, sewer and refuse removal.

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